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We are New England's leading extruded curb contractor. Call 860-827-8637 for a quote.

Extruded Concrete Curb
Custom Curb Designs

Do you have an unusual curb design? We fabricate our own molds. Call 860-827-8367
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Trenched Curb
Project Gallery

Our projects range size from a few hundred feet to 10,000 feet. Call 860-827-8637 for information.
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Professionally installed curbing by C & C Concrete Curb is a cost effective, long lasting permanent way to establish Parking Lot and Roadway boundaries while protecting pedestrians and landscaping.

C & C takes great pride in the fact that our curbs are adhered better and last longer than similar products.

If our installed curb breaks free during the warranty period, without ripping up the surface it was attached to, we will reinstall the displaced curb at no charge.