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Extruded Curb



Extruded CurbWhy Extruded Curb?

Since it’s inception in the early 1950’s, Extruded Concrete Curbing is regularly specified on Commercial, Residential and Municipal projects world wide.

Machine extruded curbing is a proven alternative to Pre-Cast and Cast-in-Place curbing.

Extruded Curbs and Trenched Curb offer many advantages to traditional installations:

  • Economical compared to precast curb
  • Long Lasting
  • Placed on Concrete or Asphalt
  • Binder or Finish installation
  • Flexible last minute placement
  • Up to 2,000′ installed daily
  • Cutting Edge in Design and Product Development
  • Custom mold designs

Advantages of Extruded Concrete Curb

Extruded Concrete Curb is a CT DOT approved alternate to precast curb. Under harsh Northeast winters, this application has a proven tract record of outlasting bituminous curb, thus saving on costly seasonal curb repairs.
  • Our extruded concrete curb can be installed on the binder or finish course of pavement. Under most circumstances installation on the binder is utilized, but has the added flexibility after paving is complete.
  • We always start with a surface cleaned of any debris. Based on established surveyors’ stakes, our team will lay guidelines for a straight outside appearance. An adhesive consisting of laytex mixed with concrete or 2 part epoxy will be applied to pavement.
  • Our 4,000 psi custom mix design is placed into the hopper and vibrated for best compaction before entering the desired mold profile.
  • Control joints will be tooled as soon as possible at 9″ intervals, with additional the radius. A final light touch with a had trowel will smooth out any minor imperfections.
  • Your new curb will be treated with a curing compound, creating a membrane to retard water loss during curing.
  • An annual maintenance program is recommended and should include a concrete sealant to extend the life of your curb.

How Is Extruded Curb Installed?

Unlike precast curbing, extruded curb is installed directly onto the finished asphalt base or trench.

Concrete is continuously feed into the extruding machine’s hopper which results in consistent curb.

After the extruded curb has been set, joints are cut to allow for expansion.

While the process is efficient, mastery of the extruding process takes time. This means you need to be careful about trying to extrude concrete yourslef or hiring contractors who do not specialize in this technique.